James Dean

Professional Immigration Consultant
RCIC, R67543

About Me

Nir Nissim Babani is an expert in the fields of Canadian immigration laws ,Acts policies and Regulations.

He obtained a post-graduate certificate in a Canadian Immigration Law from the University of British Columbia (“UBC”), Vancouver, and he had received his bachelor degree of Finance from the University of Netanya, Israel.

Mr. Babani is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)

He is authorized by the Canadian government to represent any individual interest before Citizen and Immigration Canada (“CIC”)

Mr. Babani is fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew languages.

His role as President and founder of The Fourth Generation is to supervise and assess client’s eligibility for immigration to Canada, as well as advices and instruct clients regarding the categories and programs offered by Immigration Canada.


As your consultant I am responsible for providing you with advice and guidance on how to obtain the best outcome possible of your submission.

I am responsible for furnishing my clients with relevant information and resources, supervising the completion of documentation, and submitting data on behalf of my clients to the Canadian Immigration authorities.

I follow strict timelines and communicate with authorities and update you consistently via email or telephone. Your process is always tailored to suit you, with the hiring of translators or preparing you for visa interview, if necessary.

My Expertise

Skilled Worker

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Student Permit


Family Sponsorship

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Phone: +1604666778     Email: James@gmail.com