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Are you a lawyer, Consultant, Travel agency, or immigration preparation agency? Do you have customers who are already in the Express Entry pool and are looking for support, coaching and training in finding a job in Canada?

We invite your organization to join our platform, whether you are a lawyer, consultant, immigration preparation consultancy or travel agency, we have the ultimate solutions for your customers.

Our platform has been designed to solve the biggest obstacle of the Canadian immigration system, how to acquire a job offer from a Canadian employer even if you never been to Canada.

Your customers will go through a journey which includes proper preparation for job search as well as professional coaching and assessments. We support and accompany our customers through every step of the way until they are able to secure a job offer, that’s including the immigration process that follows.

Become an Affiliate

Want to offer your customers a service that will increase their chances to realize their immigration objectives?  Become the Fourth-Generation affiliate! To enroll in our program, you will need to share with us specific set of values and beliefs! Rest assure, we will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Seamlessly integrate our platform into your process – Get access to Canadian Knowledge

  • Create resumes that reach the top of applicant tracking systems
  • Create an Online Video resume to stand out from the crowd
  • Get ready for an interview
  • Follow up after the interview
  • Understand how your industry behaves in Canada
  • Character assessment – Actionable analytics on skills gaps
  • Motivational support and constant advice from professional recruiter
  • Job matching – streamline job offers
  • Coaching how to deal with employer’s rejections related to the immigration process
  • Provide instant feedback 

Our platform improves job placement

  • 3x more interviews
  • 132% more LinkedIn Profile Views
  • 46% faster time to interview

What's in It for You

International job search tools and support that maximize the chances of your customers to secure a job to Canada, a key factor in any professional and personal aspirations.

Our in-house affiliate team knows the affiliate world inside and out to help you succeed.

For each customer you send, you will be competitively compensated.

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